Christian freelance writing

10 Websites Which Provide Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

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50 Christian Writing Markets – Volumes I & II

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Christian Field is passionate and gregarious, with a heavily creative background. His hard-working drive to succeed has made him an ambitious and expressive individual with proven resilience, capacity to thrive under pressure, and an abundance of enthusiasm.

Tyndale House Foundation is a principal owner of Tyndale House Publishers, allowing company profits to be used to help underwrite the foundation's mission. As an employer, Tyndale House Publishers have offered flexible options in the past, including freelance work opportunities.

10 Christian Publishers That Pay ($$) Here’s a chance to use a passion for faith to advance your writing career. These ten publications are geared toward Christians and accept freelance submissions. Christian Editing, Writing, and Book Design Services. Crafting Stones is a Christian editing and writing service that helps authors cr aft living stones for the building up of God's spiritual house.

If you have tasted the kindness of the Lord. Signal Speakers, a Christian speakers bureau and booking agency (, has an open slot available right now for their sales duties would include cold and warm phone calls, emails, and possible video calls with churches, conferences, and other faith-based venues.

By Alicia Lawrence Like most other opportunities for freelance work, freelance writing jobs can seem scarce and highly competitive, especially for people who have little or no previous experience. I recently had to hire a few freelance writers, and just in three days, I received over applicants from my two ads on Craigslist and ProBlogger.

Christian freelance writing
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