Enhanced frame based video coding

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Television Standards - formats and techniques

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High Efficiency Video Coding

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H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

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(DENVER, CO, US – 3 August ) – World licensing leader MPEG LA, LLC announced today a call for patents essential to ATSC standards in order to facilitate, for the convenience of the market, creation of a joint license to the intellectual property of leading ATSC developers on which those standards are based.*.

To change the appearance of the page, edit the styles of the corresponding elements (in most cases by using the "Main Frame" Style Zone). To change the menu’s links: edit, copy-paste, or. This paper presents the enhanced frame-based video coding scheme. The input source video to the enhanced frame-based video encoder consists of a rectangular-sized video and shapes of arbitrarily.

The Macroblock layer is the primary unit of adaptivity in AVS and the primary unit of motion compensation. The Macroblock header contains information about the coding mode and the motion.

ITU-T H Video codec for audiovisual services at p x 64 kbit/s was the first commercially-successful digital video coding standard, and introduced the modern architecture of hybrid block-based video coding technology.

In the proposed enhanced frame-based coding, the input source video consists of a rectangular-size video and shapes of arbitrarily-shaped objects on video frames.

High Efficiency Video Coding Enhanced frame based video coding
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