File write attributes msdn forums

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Do not change Linux files using Windows apps and tools

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Jan 19,  · Home / Forums / Data Access / XML and XmlDataSource Control / how can i read attributes from xml file in c#? how can i read attributes from xml file in c#? [Answered] RSS.

File Attribute Constants

Apr 07,  · Hey everyone try going to any file, right clicking on it, and clicking on the "Details" tab. I want to be able to set certain values, preferably for custom properties, through C# for pdf. This value indicates a request for the following access flags listed above: FILE_ADD_FILE, FILE_ADD_SUBDIRECTORY, FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES, FILE_WRITE_EA, SYNCHRONIZE, and READ_CONTROL.

GENERIC_READ 0x Attributes. ComVisibleAttribute. Examples. The following example demonstrates how to use the File class to check whether a file exists, and depending on the result, either create a new file and write to it, or open the existing file and read from it. Before running the code.

Is there any way to prevent users from modifying folder attributes? if you remove or deny the "write attribute" and/or "write extended attribute" permission, users will not be able to modify that file anymore, it becomes read only.

File write attributes msdn forums
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