How to write api in code igniter form validation

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CodeIgniter Login Registration System using MySQL Bootstrap

Jun 12,  · CodeIgniter has a powerful form validation library as demonstrated above. You can read more about this library here.

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Continuing down, you can see a condition that checks whether the form validation ran successfully. The architecture of CodeIgniter application is shown below. As shown in the figure, whenever a request comes to CodeIgniter, it will first go to page.

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This function above is a callback function which is called at the time of validation by controller method which is handling the form. Now place the rule among other validation rule for the form. codeigniter, form validation false verse first time visit Hot Network Questions Company claims hardwire connections are a security issue.

Using CodeIgniter Rest Server you can easily create the REST API in CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter contact form functionality can be easily implemented with Form and Email library.

PHP CodeIgniter Tutorials for Beginners Step By Step: Learn From Scratch

This tutorial shows how to create a simple contact us form with validation in CodeIgniter framework and send contact form data to site admin via email.

How to write api in code igniter form validation
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