Impact of colonialism on indigenous people

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When describing the impact colonialism had on African contemporary art, it is not from the indigenous people, but the colonizers themselves. Techniques and materials also changed, especially since the increase of the impact of colonialism can be clearly seen in the art of the Mangbetu people.

During colonialism, which continued into. What are the effects of colonialism, capitalism on indigenous people? All of them provide a broader picture of the fare of indigenous people in terms of environment, interethnic relations. Indigenous resistance to economic globalization is essential because neo-liberal policies often impact most heavily on traditional territories and indigenous peoples.

Increased market pressures can result in the plunder of lands inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

Western European colonialism and colonization

Colonialism is a relationship between an indigenous (or forcibly imported) majority and a minority of foreign invaders. The fundamental decisions affecting the lives of the colonized people are made and implemented by the colonial rulers in pursuit of interests that are often defined in a distant metropolis.


Introduction. Processes of colonialism have resulted in Indigenous people being subject to land dispossession, acculturation, social marginalisation, political oppression and devastating population decline with increased morbidity and decreased life expectancy.

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Impact of colonialism on indigenous people
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