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Sallie Mae

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Programs to Help Lower Student Loan Repayments from Sallie Mae

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Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is the country’s premier financial services company specializing in the needs of college students and their families.

Originally founded in as a government sponsored agency, Sallie Mae began privatization in Dec 20,  · Sallie Mae® Make and manage your Sallie Mae® student loan payments anytime, anywhere. This app—from the nation’s leading private student loan provider—is the most convenient way to keep track of loans from your mobile device.4/5().

Sallie Mae was formed in as a federally chartered, government-sponsored enterprise, but as ofis a completely independent publicly traded company. Feb 15,  · Sallie Mae Bank — the retail banking arm of Sallie Mae, the nation’s saving, planning, and paying for college company — today announced new, competitive interest rates on its high-yield.


The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan is made by Sallie Mae Bank® or a Sallie Mae lender partner. Sallie Mae offers private student loans to students, parents and sponsors of students.

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Learn if a Sallie Mae student loan is right for you.

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