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Soren Chemical - Case Study Example

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Soren Chemical: Why is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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The Coracle, July 2014

Marketing Soren Chemical Case Study - Essay Example. How Kaolin NV is a threat to Coracle: Few formulators were producing a diluted version of Kaolin NV, with a private label and supplying it to the smaller pools and pool maintenance people.

Other competitions: Though there are similar products in the market, the main competition for. Soren Chemical launched Coracle only in Septemberwhich is the last busy and most suitable month for swimming.

The sales team for Coracle did not consider following effects, which will impact the sales revenue extremely for the first year: 1. Jen Moritz, the advertising chief for Soren Chemical Co.

is battling with the poor deals execution of Coracle, another clarifier for private swimming pools. The execution is bewildering on the grounds that Coracle is synthetically like another Soren item that has sold well for treatment of bigger pools. Soren Chemical: Why is the new swimming pool product sinking?

About Soren Chemical Company – Founded ingenerated revenue of $ Million in – Over products, wide range of Industrial chemicals and water-cleaning solutions – Kailan 4/4(9). Soren Chemicals Case Study 1. What is the addressable market size for Coracle?

Is the first-year goal of $ million sales reasonable?

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Answer: Currently there are 3 major players in the residential pool clarifier market, Keystone chemicals, Kymera and Jackson Laboratories as well as several distributors who are diluting and private lebeling Soren’s Kailan MW for residential use. Soren Chemical Case Study Position Statement The main problem, as depicted within the case study, is the significantly low sales of Soren Chemical’s new product, Coracle.

Since the sales of the new product were way below what Jen Moritz had anticipated, it is apparent that the new product had registered poor performance in the market.

Soren chemical coracle
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