Write ahead logging sqlite android code


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SQL statement will be compiled into VDBE code and handled to the virtual machine. Enable Write-Ahead Logging. By default, SQLite ensure the consistency of database transaction by rollback journal.

Generally, a transaction consists of the following steps: Android SQLite Insertion Optimization. This article takes a look at database transaction handling and its design pattern in android.

It also gives a brief explanation on how to handle Exception. //Enable Write Ahead Logging. Yes, the ncmlittleton.com-wal (wal: Write-Ahead Logging) shouldn't be there after Firefox is closed.

This sounds quite large to me for a temp file. By default, the auxiliary write ahead log and shared memory files used for transaction control are automatically deleted when the latest connection to the database closes.

So ensure that all database connections are closed at some time. In Sqlite3, Write-Ahead-Logging mode allows one process to read a table, while another is writing to it. It doesn't say anything about one process writing and another deleting/updating.

Is this po. Abstract. SQLite database is an important source of evidence in forensic investigations. Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) was introduced to ensure data integrity and improve performance in SQLite databases.

Write ahead logging sqlite android code
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SQLite - Write-ahead logging issue on Android